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Clean Solution Tech is an energy services company uniquely positioned to provide energy efficiency, optimization, operations, and economic incentives for the optimization of building equipment, and management and automation systems. Our mission is to create client focused energy efficient building portfolios.


Clean Solution Tech strives to provide Energy Services and Consulting on HVAC Optimization and Efficiency to Property Owners and Managers.

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Clean Solution Tech is dedicated to reducing energy consumption for commercial & industrial property owners and managers through the most cost-effective means possible. We have a coalition of Clean Tech Partnerships to address energy optimization across a broad range of equipment and property types. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Optimization are core strengths of Clean Solution Tech . 

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Multiple interior and exterior parameters along with existing equipment and management systems are the “rings” that we interconnect and optimize to deliver maximum energy savings. We tailor our offerings to meet the needs of Facility Owners, Managers, Engineers, Mechanical Contractors, and Energy Service Companies. we offer Monitoring, Diagnostics, and Training. We are also dedicated to advancing Artificial Intelligence through ongoing Research and Development to continuously improve our offerings.

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